My All-Purpose Lightroom Presets - Completely Free

August 11, 2021

I'm asked all of the time if I have Lightroom presets available. The answer is yes - I have developed dozens of presets over the years that I use as my starting point to an edit, and generally make the appropriate tweaks to a photo from there.

I'm giving away 14 of my favorite and most diverse, all-purpose presets away for free. These are Lightroom desktop presets. For mobile, on-the-go editing, I recommend Tone Studio or MuseCam - two premier editing apps I've designed & developed for iOS. Tone Studio is available on Android next month (August 2021)

Here's the link to download the presets.

Here's a link explaining how to install the presets.

For a tour of the presets and how I use them in my editing workflow, check out the video below:

A selection of before & after examples:

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